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WELCOME!  We’re excited you’ve made the decision to become a part of Team LFG. To complete your enrollment, complete all 5 Filters in this process. The progress bar below will track your progress.


Registration Completion

FILTER 1: Coding and Registration

Step 1: Get started by watching this short video.

If you DO NOT have the AGENT ID of the person that invited you, scroll to the bottom of this page.


You can now proceed to Filter 2.


Registration Completion

FILTER 2: Pre-Licensing

Complete each step listed below to enroll in your licensing course. We recommend you begin immediately. Some states do not require pre-licensing hours, each state is different, so please follow the instructions on the video. For info on each state, see additional resources at the bottom of this document. 

Step 1: Watch this pre-licensing video.
Step 2: Click the buttons below to complete the process.
Click the button below to access Xcel Solutions

Add the course to cart and use DISCOUNT CODE:


Click the button below to access ExamFX

Add the course to cart and use DISCOUNT CODE:

We will contact you in the next two weeks of your start date to schedule your license exam.

Step 3: Now that you’ve completed your pre-licensing, please initiate your welcome email by clicking the Welcome Letter button.

You can now proceed to Filter 3.


Registration Completion

FILTER 3: Get Connected on Facebook and Line App

Complete each step listed below. Staying connected is important. Our Facebook group is the central place where associates can get announcements, preliminary training videos, interaction with colleagues, and more. 

Step 1: Click the button below and request to be added to the Mylett Management Group - Facebook Group.

If you know your WFG code, please enter to be granted access.  

Step 2: Click the button below to download Line App for your smartphone and request to be added to the Team LFG Line Group. It will also allow you to download Line App if you don’t already have it
Step 3: Only complete this step if your code is pending because you were previously with WFG or are already a licensed agent. Otherwise, proceed to Step 4.

email with the following information:

–  Your full legal name
–  Contact information (Phone number, email if different than where your email is coming from)
–  Full name of your recruiter

Step 4: Explore the Mylett Management Facebook Group.

Notice the landing page displays our regular weekly training schedule.

Units – videos to help get you familiar with presentation, submitting business, compensation, promotions, etc. These videos will answer the majority of questions new associates/agents have and some will likely want to watch multiple times. We run a report twice a week to see who has completed the videos to help leaders know how their team is progressing.  

Events – calendar of upcoming trainings, BPMs (business presentation meetings – used for recruiting), team events, etc. Structure is crucial when beginning anything new. Whether you are new to our industry or an experienced licensed agent, DON’T MISS A TRAINING for the first 90 days!! Your attendance to our online training is reported to leaders to help gauge the progress of their teams. 

Popular topics – you can quickly search for things that are popular topics such as Team Zoom Trainings or Closer’s College info. This is a quick way to get to things you’re looking for. 

You can now proceed to Filter 4.


Registration Completion

FILTER 4: Get Dialed In

Once in the Facebook Group – your first priority is to complete the “Let’s Get You Dialed In!”  form so we can capture your data, start the process of obtaining your business plan, financial needs analysis, and ensure we immediately have your cell, Instagram, etc. This form is listed on the FB Group, but you can also click the button below for your convenience.

Step 1: Complete the “Let’s Get You Dialed In Form” below and press “DIAL IN”.

You can now proceed to Filter 5.


Registration Completion

FILTER 5: One-on-One

Step 1: Book Your Meeting

CONGRATULATIONS on completing the FIVE-FILTER-STEPS onboarding process!

A team trainer will be in touch with you regarding your 1-1 booked appointment to review your business plan, your reason for stepping into business with THE MILIARE GROUP and creating your individual financial needs analysis which will also serve as your first training.


If you have NOT heard from a trainer within the first 24 hours of submission – reach out to the person who brought you into the business to ensure this final step is completed. 



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